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Arvind Smartspaces is presenting their upcoming project named Arvind South Ahmedabad a premium residential and commercial complex in the location of Ahmedabad occupying a vast expanse of 500 acres of thoughtfully planned township land. This property offers a wide range of living options including plots, villas, apartments, and commercial spaces that serve to the varied preferences and requirements of its future residents and businesses. The complete size of the land parcel ensures enough open spaces, greenery, and thoughtfully designed infrastructure to create a sustainable and enjoyable living environment. From spacious living areas to well-equipped kitchens and stylish bathrooms, every aspect of these plots, villas, and apartments is designed to offer convenience and luxury. The prime location of these projects ensures easy accessibility to important areas and amenities in the city.

As the development progresses the project is entering its second phase surrounds an additional 204 acres strategically situated in Arvind South Ahmedabad's township. This expansion adds further depth to the project providing even more options for individuals and businesses looking to be part of this thriving community. One particularly exciting feature on the skyline is the upcoming Golf-themed project promising an unparalleled lifestyle experience for residents with this impressive complex.

In the huge area of Arvind South Ahmedabad, a comprehensive array of amenities awaits residents and businesses alike. The development boasts advanced facilities that include recreational spaces, sports facilities, and green areas, promoting a sense of community and well-being. Whether one seeks a peaceful residential haven or a dynamic commercial space the project is designed to cater to diverse needs. The commitment to quality living and sustainable development is evident in every aspect of this project making it a beacon of modern urban living in Ahmedabad. With its expansive land parcel and the promise of future projects Arvind, South Ahmedabad is set to redefine and elevate the standards of urban living in the region.

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Modern Infrastructure


Upcoming Golf Themed Project


Smart Features Home


Running Balcony with deck


Well-Designed Infrastructure


Apartments with beautiful views

  • Moden Infrastructure
  • Upcoming Golf Themed Project
  • Smart Features Home
  • Running Balcony with deck
  • Well-Designed Infrastructure
  • Apartments with beautiful views

Arvind South Ahmedabad Price List

Unit Type SIZE (Carpet) Sq.ft PRICE (in ₹)
Apartments Update Soon On Request
Plots Update Soon ₹ On Request
Retail Update Soon ₹ On Request
Office Spaces Update Soon ₹ On Request

Investment Potential of Arvind South Ahmedabad

The investment potential of Arvind South Ahmedabad's township is significant, making it an attractive prospect for discerning investors. Several factors contribute to its appeal:

Prime Location: Arvind South Ahmedabad's township is strategically situated in a high location, enhancing its investment potential. The proximity to key transportation capitals, educational institutions, healthcare installations, and marketable centers makes it a sought- after address, attracting both residents and businesses. The high position contributes to increased property value and sustained demand.

Economic Growth: Ahmedabad, the economic powerhouse of Gujarat, has undergone remarkable economic growth over the past few decades. The city's economy has benefited greatly from the growth of industries like information technology, chemicals, textiles, and pharmaceuticals. The formation of industrial clusters and Special Economic Zones (SEZs) has drawn investment from both domestic and foreign sources, promoting innovation and the creation of jobs. Ahmedabad's growing startups and small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are testaments to the city's entrepreneurial spirit.

Infrastructure and Developments: Arvind South Ahmedabad is more appealing to investors because of its dedication to well-designed infrastructure. Modern conveniences, thoughtfully designed roadways, and basic utilities improve the township's overall quality of life. The investment potential increases with the infrastructure's continued development, providing a comprehensive living environment that draws both enterprises and long-term inhabitants.

Culture Diversity: The township of Arvind South Ahmedabad reflects the vast cultural diversity of Ahmedabad, which is well-known for it. Due to its cultural liveliness, the neighbourhood is lively and cosmopolitan, drawing people from many origins. This diversity broadens the township's attractiveness and contributes to its distinct charm, making it a desirable location for a variety of investors.

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Arvind Ahmedabad Project Amenities

  • Multipurpose Hall
  • Swimming Pool
  • Outdoor Cafe
  • Pet Play Area
  • Clubhouses and Community Centers
  • Green Spaces and Parks
  • Hall with Karaoke and Dance Floor
  • Kid's Play Area
  • Green Spaces and Parks
  • Advance Security Features
  • Eco Friendly Initiative
  • 24/7 Security and Surveillance

Floor & Master Plan

Ahmedabad - "Manchester of India"

Gujarat's largest city is Ahmedabad, located in western India. Ahmedabad has grown to become a significant industrial and economic center. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport, located in Hansol is Ahmedabad's principal airport. The Sabarmati River runs through its center. It is the second-largest producer of cotton in India. The Calico Museum of Textiles, located across the river in a former cloth merchant's mansion, houses a sizable collection of both modern and antique textiles. Gandhinagar, also known as its twin city. World famous and largest cricket stadium in Ahmedabad; a newly built stadium is called Narendra Modi Stadium. Ahmedabad was listed as one of the world's 50 best places by the magazine.

Historical Significance: South Ahmedabad is home to several historical landmarks that reflect the city's glorious past. The Sabarmati Ashram, also known as Gandhi Ashram, stands as a testament to Mahatma Gandhi's life and teachings. It was from here that Gandhi launched his famous Dandi March, a pivotal event in India's struggle for independence. Visiting the ashram provides visitors with insights into the life and work of the Mahatma.

Tourist Attractions: Apart from its historical and cultural landmarks, Ahmedabad offers tourists a range of attractions, including the Sabarmati Ashram, Kankaria Lake, Science City, and the iconic Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Stadium.

This year there has been a lot of growth in real estate in Ahmedabad. In Forbes' list of the cities with the fastest growth over the past ten years, Ahmedabad came in third. Ahmedabad is India's best city to live in. According to the Ease of Living Index, Ahmedabad is the third-best city in India to live in. There is a consensus that there has been a reduction in the percentage of the population that lives in slum settlements and that there has also been a general improvement in living conditions for slum residents.

Location Advantage

  • National Highways: National Highway 48 (NH48), National Highway 147 (NH147), National Highway 27 (NH27), National Highway 64 (NH64).
  • Famous Roadways: Sardar Patel Ring Road, SG Highway (Sarkhej-Gandhinagar Highway), Ashram Road, Nehru Bridge Road, CTM Cross Roads.
  • Educational Institutions: Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIMA), CEPT University (Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology), Gujarat University, National Institute of Design (NID), St. Xavier's College and many others.
  • Healthcare facilities: Apollo Hospitals, Shalby Hospitals, Sterling Hospitals , Zydus Hospitals, CIMS Hospital (Care Institute of Medical Sciences), HCG Cancer Centre, Apex Heart Institute and many others.
  • Shopping Centre: Alpha One Mall, Acropolis Mall, Ahmedabad One Mall, Iscon Mega Mall, SG Highway Retail Park, Titanium City Center Mall, Himalaya Mall and many others.
  • Entertainment Zones: Kankaria Lake, Sabarmati Riverfront, Manek Chowk, PVR Cinemas at Acropolis Mall, VR Mall, City Gold Multiplex and many others.

Arvind Smartspaces

8.8 Million SQ.M.

Residential Development

0.95Million SQ.M.

Commercial & Retail Development


Of Expertise in Residential

Established in 2009, Arvind Smartspaces has swiftly evolved into a prominent player in the real estate industry. Since its commencement, the company has been devoted to introducing innovative and sustainable living results. With a commitment to excellence and a forward- allowing approach, Arvind SmartSpaces has come synonymous with ultramodern, technologically advanced, and environmentally conscious real estate developments. In its fairly short actuality, the company has successfully restated its vision into award- winning systems that reflect a perfect mix of design, functionality, and client- centricity. As it continues to grow, Arvind SmartSpaces remains devoted to shaping the future of real estate through slice- edge results and a loyal commitment to client satisfaction.

Arvind Smartspaces ongoing projects are Arvind Forest Trails in Bangalore that showcases their vision for the future, with a focus on creating modern living spaces. Arvind SmartSpaces leverages cutting- edge technologies to enhance the quality and effectiveness of its systems. The company aims to produce not just living spaces but vibrant communities by fostering social integration, artistic conditioning, and sustainable practices within its systems. Through a perfect admixture of vision, moxie, and a client- centric approach, the company continues to shape the future of real estate, one smart space at a time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. The price range for apartments at Arvind South Ahmedabad varies depending on the size and configuration of the unit. It is best to contact the sales team or visit their website for more information regarding current pricing.
Ans. The distance between Arvind South Ahmedabad and the international airport will vary depending on traffic conditions but it offers convenient connectivity to reach the airport within a reasonable time frame.
Yes, Residents of Arvind South Ahmedabad have excellent connectivity to nearby shopping malls and retail hubs, making it convenient for all their shopping needs.
Ans. Absolutely! There are several reputed educational institutions located near Signature Sector 71 providing quality education options for children of all ages.
Ans. Residents of this development enjoy excellent connectivity with healthcare facilities such as hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies in close proximity.
Ans. Yes, Arvind South Ahmedabad offers a well-maintained swimming pool where residents can relax and enjoy a refreshing swim.
Ans. Absolutely! The project includes a dedicated kids' play area where children can indulge in various recreational activities and have fun under safe supervision.
Ans. Yes, residents will have access to a convenience store within the complex, making it convenient to fulfill daily needs without having to go outside.
Ans. Arvind Ahmedabad enjoys excellent connectivity to major areas in Ahmedabad through well-connected roads and highways. Additionally, it is close to metro stations and has easy access to shopping malls, retail hubs, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities.

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